Rolls-Royce Trent XWB (Image: RR)
Engineering & Leasing

Rolls-Royce to shed 9,000 jobs

Aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has announced it is cutting 9,000 jobs as it deals with the crisis caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. The engineering giant has planned a major restructuring which will include cutting almost 20% of its workforce primarily in the civil aerospace divisions which makes jet engines for [read more]

Civil Aviation

Credit Card info stolen in Easyjet hack

Easyjet (U2/EZY) has said that the details and payment information for up to 9 million people has been accessed in what it called a “highly sophisticated cyber-attack” The low-cost carrier said it first became aware of the attack in January and it has informed the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) of [read more]

Aerial Image of Barra Airport (Image: HIAL)
Civil Aviation

Scotland’s Airports on the front line

When you think of Scottish airports you probably think of Glasgow and Edinburgh, maybe Aberdeen if you are in the oil business. You may remember the “transatlantic gateway’ at Prestwick, but that’s it right?  I’d guess that most people would be surprised to discover that there are actually another twelve [read more]

RCAF Snowbirds (Image: Frank Kovalchek/CC2.0)
Air Safety

Snowbirds team member killed in tragic crash

A member of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Snowbirds has been tragically killed following a crash shortly after take-off yesterday from Kamloops airport. A video of the accident shows a pair of Canadair CT114 Tutors, the type used by the Snowbirds take off before one pitches up before appearing [read more]