British Airways Boeing 777-200 G-VIIB (Image: UK Aviation Media)
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Virgin and BA call for ‘radical collaboration’ on sustainable aviation

Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have together called for “radical collaboration” between Government, aviation fuel providers and the wider aviation industry to help the industry reach its net-zero target of 2050. The call came at the recent Sustainable Skies Summit 2024, held at Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre, during [read more]

The First Airbus Wing Of Tomorrow prototype

Airbus Wing of Tomorrow vs. Boeing Transonic Truss Braced Wing

In the ever-evolving world of aviation, manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to create more efficient, eco-friendly, and high-performance aircraft. Two major players in this industry, Airbus and Boeing, have recently unveiled their respective advancements in wing technology: the Airbus “Wing of Tomorrow” and the Boeing “Transonic Truss [read more]