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Tough times for Air Traffic Control

As much as airlines have been hit by the Corona pandemic, the same can be said of Air Traffic Control (ATC). Income is mostly obtained from aircraft movements, it therefore follows when such movements are down so is the cash flow to ATC! This has been compounded in Europe by [read more]

Is flying from Cardiff Airport a rip off?
Airline news

Is flying from Cardiff Airport a rip off?

One of the hottest topics we get asked about on social media and in emails is why do holidays cost more flying from Cardiff Airport. So we decided to have a look at whether this was actually true, is flying from Cardiff Airport a rip-off? Holiday companies have been under [read more]

Airport Parking

Airport Parking & Protests

Hello, Miss D’approach here and get used to me, I’m going to be around a bit. But don’t worry, I’m here for the lighter side of aviation. So who am I? As Daniel Craig once said, “if you know that you’ll be as clever as me”. But anyway, I digress. [read more]