Artemis 1 on launch Pad4

European-built space module set for the moon!

The European Space Agencies (ESA) European Space Module (ESM) is set to be rocketed into space on Monday as part of the Artemis project, NASA’s return to the moon. A key part of the Orion Spacecraft, the airbus built European Space Module provides the “heart and lungs” for astronaut missions [read more]

Airbus & Northrop Grumman team up for NATO surveillance concepts
Military aviation news

Airbus & Northrop Grumman team up for NATO surveillance concepts

Airbus Defence and Northrop Grumman will, along with seven other industry companies, work together to develop the future of NATO’s surveillance and control systems. Under the partnership of Atlantic Strategic Partnership for Advanced All-domain Resilient Operations (ASPAARO) the companies, including BAE Systems in the UK, will perform assessments of fully [read more]

The Pregnant Guppy
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Feature: The Guppies of the air

In the tumultuous era of the Space Race, NASA found itself with the ever-growing problem of transportation. With large pieces of equipment needing moving from factories to the launch pad, transport methods were slow and cumbersome. Through the Fifties, NASA would have to transport its machinery via land and/or sea [read more]