Loganairs Scottish Intercity service

Loganair shows off new corporate livery on a Saab 340
Loganair shows off new corporate livery on a Saab 340

Loganair (LM/LOG) now has a service between Scotlands two biggest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The 30min flight (including taxi time) will set you back around £94 but could see people avoiding having to drive on the M8 and then not having to worry about parking in either city.

Travel from Edinburgh Airport to the City can be as quick as 20 mins and it is about the same time from Glasgow Airport to the city centre by public transport so while it may work a little bit slower in real terms, it could take away a lot of the hassle.

Loganair said it was not a publicity stunt and that the flight is actually part of a longer flight between Glasgow Edinburgh & Stornoway which now goes via Glasgow and Loganair says its use is a side-affect of the pandemic.

In a statement, the airline said: “With insufficient demand for some routes from Edinburgh directly, we’ve temporarily amended our schedules to provide new mini-hubs across our network, allowing you to fly routes such as Edinburgh-Stornoway, via Glasgow, and Inverness to Kirkwall, via Aberdeen, to keep you connected as best as we possibly can right now.”