Air Accidents Investigation Branch
DateRegTypeAccident / IncidentStatus
01 Dec 2021G-JZHLBOEING 737-800Incorrect thrust set during the takeoff roll, Kuusamo Airport, FinlandUnder investigation
14 Nov 2021G-CGNVESCAPADEPilot’s seat slid back during takeoff, fatal accident at Breighton AirfieldSpecial Bulletin S3/2021 on 14 December 2021
29 Sep 2021J8-VBIBN2B-26 ISLANDERAircraft departed the runway on landing at John A Osborne Airport, MontserratUnder investigation
25 Sep 2021G-BBSAGRUMMAN AA-5Engine lost power after takeoff followed by attempted turnback, Teesside International AirportUnder investigation
11 Sep 2021G-FDZFBOEING 737-8K5Deviation from expected to flightpath during a go-around, Aberdeen AirportSpecial Bulletin S2/2021 on 2 December 2021
10 Sep 2021G-CFIOCESSNA 172SFatal accident near Ruckinge, KentUnder investigation
04 Sep 2021N707TJBOEING A75N1(PT17) STEARMANEngine failure and ditching in the sea, Poole Harbour, DorsetUnder investigation
25 Aug 2021G-OJBBENSTROM 280FXLoss of yaw control resulting in a heavy landing, GwyneddUnder investigation
12 Aug 2021G-BXBUCAP 10BFatal accident near Buckland St Mary, SomersetUnder investigation
06 Aug 2021G-DBCFAIRBUS A319-131Loss of inertial reference, on the climb out from Edinburgh AirportUnder investigation
30 Jul 2021G-MCGTAW189Pitch instability during autopilot mode switching, Prestwick, South AyrshireUnder investigation
26 Jul 2021G-MCGTAW189Terrain warning activated during flight, Ballycastle, County AntrimUnder investigation
25 Jul 2021G-LNDNMD900Avionics abnormalities in flight, Northolt, LondonUnder investigation
30 Jun 2021G-CJZUROGERS SKY PRINCEFatal accident near Goodwood Aerodrome, SussexUnder investigation
18 Jun 2021G-ZBJBBOEING 787-8Inadvertent nose landing gear retraction during pre-flight maintenance, London Heathrow AirportSpecial Bulletin S1/2021 on 14 July 2021
13 Jun 2021G-CFWCGROB G103C TWIN III ACROGlider accident whilst training for low level failed winch launch, Usk Airfield, MonmouthshireUnder investigation
11 Jun 2021MultipleMultipleBlockage of pitot probes by insectsConsultation Stage
09 May 2021G-AWEFSTAMPE SV4C(G)Fatal accident near Headcorn Aerodrome, KentConsultation Stage
01 May 2021G-EDGYEDGE 540During aerobatics, the aileron hinge failed resulting in the right aileron separating from the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely, at Tempsford Airfield, BedfordshireScheduled for publication 20 January 2022
29 Apr 2021G-HYZAPIPER PA-46-350P (MODIFIED)Engine failure and forced landing in a field, near Cranfield Airport, BedfordshireUnder Investigation
28 Apr 2021G-RNHFHAWKER SEA FURY T MK.20Forced landing due to loss of engine power, near RNAS Yeovilton, SomersetUnder Investigation
23 Apr 2021G-CIRKSILENT 2 ELECTRODuring takeoff the aircraft stalled and hit the ground in a steep nose down impact, Wormingford Airfield, Colchester, EssexUnder Investigation
09 Apr 2021SE-LPSBAE ATPSuspected that the autopilot did not disengage prior to the landing, Isle of Man (Ronaldsway) AirportUnder Investigation
02 Apr 2021G-JDHNROTORWAY EXECUTIVE 162FRollover after forced landing, Ledbury, HerefordshireUnder Investigation
12 Mar 2021G-MPSBMBB-BK 117 C-2Heavy landing during simulated single-engine training, North Weald Airfield, EssexConsultation Stage
02 Mar 2021G-BOSNAS355F1Engine fire shortly after lifted to hover, Hedsor, BuckinghamshireConsultation Stage
19 Jan 2021G-JMCYBOEING 737-4Q8Heavy landing which resulted in significant structural damage, Exeter AirportUnder Investigation
12 Dec 2020G-CTSBDA 40 NGAircraft struck the ground shortly after takeoff, Cranfield Airport, BedfordshireUnder Investigation
19 Nov 2020UASDJI MATRICE M210 VERSION 1Battery communication warning appeared and control lost, Poole, DorsetConsultation Stage
12 Nov 2020G-CKYTROTORSPORT UK CAVALONFatal accident, near Avoch, HighlandUnder Investigation
11 Oct 2020G-CIIRCESSNA FRA 150LFatal accident at Troutbeck Airfield, CumbriaPublished 18 November 2021
27 Oct 2018G-VSKP*AGUSTA AW169Fatal accident near King Power Stadium, LeicesterConsultation Stage
Updated 13th February 2022