Air Accidents Investigation Branch
DateRegTypeAccident / IncidentStatus
20 June 2022G-CJEKGuimbal Cabri G2Fatal accident near Burton in Lonsdale, North YorkshireUnder Investigation
7 Apr 2022LX-NSTBombardier Global 6000Wingtip strike during baulked landing, London Luton AirportUnder Investigation
2 Apr 2022G-EGVAPiper PA-28R-200-2Missing aircraft over English ChannelSpecial Bulletin S1/2022 on 13 May 2022
2 Apr 2022G-MIILExtra NGAircraft stuck building after loss of control, Upper Heyford, Bicester, OxfordshireUnder Investigation
24 Mar 2022G-CBDJFlight Design CT2KFatal accident during landing, Beccles Airfield, SuffolkUnder Investigation
4 Mar 2022G-MCGYSikorsky S-92ADownwash from landing helicopter resulting in fatal injury to uninvolved person, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, DevonUnder Investigation
11 Feb 2022G-KNOWPiper PA-32-300Aircraft suffered a loss of power and struck rising ground, Wiston, East SussexUnder Investigation
31 Jan 2022N999PXChallenger 604Loss of control during crosswind landing, London Stansted AirportUnder Investigation
2 Jan 2022G-XWBCAirbus A350-1041Tail strike during go-around, London Heathrow AirportConsultation Stage
1 Dec 2021G-JZHLBoeing 737-800Incorrect thrust set during takeoff roll, Kuusamo Airport, FinlandUnder Investigation
14 Nov 2021G-CGNVEscapadePilot’s seat slid back during takeoff, fatal accident at Breighton AirfieldSpecial Bulletin S3/2021 on 14 December 2021
29 Sep 2021J8-VBIBN2B-26 IslanderAircraft departed runway on landing at John A Osborne Airport, MontserratUnder Investigation
25 Sep 2021G-BBSAGrumman AA-5Engine lost power after takeoff followed by attempted turnback, Teesside International AirportPublished 16 June 2022
11 Sep 2021G-FDZFBoeing 737-8K5Deviation from expected flightpath during a go-around, Aberdeen AirportConsultation Stage
4 Sep 2021N707TJBoeing A75N1(PT17) StearmanEngine failure and ditching in the sea, Poole Harbour, DorsetUnder Investigation
25 Aug 2021G-OJBBEnstrom 280FXLoss of yaw control resulting in a heavy landing, GwyneddUnder Investigation
12 Aug 2021G-BXBUCAP 10BFatal accident near Buckland St Mary, SomersetUnder Investigation
6 Aug 2021G-DBCFAirbus A319-131Loss of inertial reference, on climb out from Edinburgh AirportPublished 16 June 2022
30 Jul 2021G-MCGTAW189Pitch instability during autopilot mode switching, Prestwick, South AyrshireUnder investigation
26 Jul 2021G-MCGTAW189Terrain warning sounded during go-around due to rising ground ahead, Ballintoy, County AntrimUnder Investigation
25 Jul 2021G-LNDNMD900Avionics abnormalities in flight, Northolt, LondonPublished 23 June 2022
30 Jun 2021G-CJZURogers Sky PrinceFatal accident near Goodwood Aerodrome, SussexPublished 16 June 2022
18 Jun 2021G-ZBJBBoeing 787-8Inadvertent nose landing gear retraction during pre-flight maintenance, London Heathrow AirportUnder Investigation
13 Jun 2021G-CFWCGrob G103C Twin III ACROGlider accident whilst training for low level failed winch launch, Usk Airfield, MonmouthshireUnder Investigation
29 Apr 2021G-HYZAPiper PA-46-350P (Modified)Loss of power and forced landing in a field, near Cranfield Airport, BedfordshirePublished 7 July 2022
28 Apr 2021G-RNHFHawker Sea Fury T MK.20Forced landing due to loss of engine power, near RNAS Yeovilton, SomersetPublished 26 May 2022
23 Apr 2021G-CIRKSilent 2 ElectroLoss of control during self-launch takeoff, Wormingford Airfield, Colchester, EssexPublished 7 April 2022
9 Apr 2021SE-LPSBAE ATPSuspected that the autopilot did not disengage prior to the landing, Isle of Man (Ronaldsway) AirportConsultation Stage
2 Apr 2021G-JDHNRotorway Executive 162FLoud noise from the engine, autorotation, rollover on touchdown near Ledbury, HerefordshirePublished 7 July 2022
19 Jan 2021G-JMCYBoeing 737-4Q8Heavy landing which resulted in significant structural damage, Exeter AirportPublished 19 May 2022
12 Dec 2020G-CTSBDA 40 NGAircraft struck the ground shortly after takeoff, Cranfield Airport, BedfordshirePublished 21 July 2022
12 Nov 2020G-CKYTRotorsport UK CavalonFatal accident, near Avoch, HighlandUnder Investigation
27 Oct 2018G-VSKP*Agusta AW169Fatal accident near King Power Stadium, LeicesterConsultation Stage
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