Aviation Wales is part of the UK Aviation Network. We specialise in getting aviation news, features and information out to our readership of around 30,000* people per week.

We’re looking for people like you to become regular contributions or one-off articles as part of our expansion plans and also to help with the running facebook groups and other aspects of the network.

We cover all aspects of aviation from Military and Civilian flight operations through to General Aviation and Engineering.

We are particularly keen to hear from those wishing to write about aviation in England and Scotland.

You do not need any previous experience we will give you all the help you need and of course, you will be fully supported by our editorial team. A passion for aviation though is definitely a bonus!

Desired qualities:

  • A reasonable level of English written language (all articles are checked by our editorial team).
  • Good research skills.
  • A knowledge of the Aviation industry and how it works.
  • Willingness to learn and expand your writing skills as well as learning from constructive feedback.

What you get back:

  • Being a published author on one the UK’s biggest aviation news sites.
  • Take part in UKAN events and publicity.
  • The chance of privileged access to aviation industry related business and events.
  • Full support for writing and research.
  • The opportunity to grow with us and the possibility to evolve into a full-time job.
  • Ad revenue share scheme, all contributors get a pro-rata percentage of the ad revenue generated by the publishing site*

If you’re interested then email office@aviationwales.com

*Regular contributors receive a pro-rata percentage of 50% of the overall ad revenue generated by the publishing site for the given year an article is published. i.e. if the site generates £10000 in ad revenue and you contributed 10% of the articles that year you would receive £500. Regular contributors is defined as contributors who publish 12 articles per year or 1 per month.
*Figures as of December 2017 and includes Social Media