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Aerfin’s new acquisitions bring major revenue boost

Caerphilly-based aircraft end-of-life management company AerFin has seen its turnover boosted thanks to acquisitions made over the last 2 years. AerFin specialises in aircraft end of life services, offering leasing, technical consulting, trading and supply of equipment from entire aircraft through to piece part components. In the last 12 months, [read more]

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Airbus flies Laminar-flow BLADE testbed

The Airbus’ A340 laminar-flow BLADE test demonstrator aircraft has made its successful maiden flight for Clean Sky project on the 26th September. The aircraft, dubbed “Flight Lab”, took off from Tarbes in southern France at local time 11:00, and after a series of tests, it landed at Airbus’ facilities in [read more]

Morson Group
Aviation engineering news

Morson Projects recruits former Marshall Aviation staff at Broughton

Engineering company Morson Projects has today announced it has recruited 14 experienced aviation engineers who previously worked for Marshall Aviation Services. Marshall Aviation Services closed their operation at Broughton in Flintshire earlier this year caused the loss of around 140 jobs at the North Wales site. The announcement by Morson Projects [read more]

Airbus Blade laminar wing section (Airbus)
Airline news

Airbus readies A340 Blade for first laminar flow tests

Airbus is preparing the A340 Blade aircraft for its first flights to test a breakthrough new wing with a laminar profile to help reduce fuel usage and increase efficiency. The Blade (Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe) is no stranger to testing as it is the 25-year-old A340-300 prototype MSN0001, registered as F-WWAI. [read more]

Flybe Embraer E190 G-FEBJ (Image: Aviation Wales)
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Flybe’s E195s: When the music stops

Saad Hammad, the previous Chief Operating Officer of Flybe, created “Project Blackbird” to resolve the problem of nine Embraer E195 in the fleet whose capacity at 118 seats had proved too large for the route structure. Cardiff  Airport is the beneficiary of two and their presence has been a boon [read more]