AeroCloud unveils upgraded “curb to gate” airport management system at PTE

Easyjet Terminal Scene

Airport management software company AeroCloud has unveiled its latest 360° curb-to-gate airport management platform, including new launches and enhancements.

One of the major new components is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its AeroCloud Optic product to monitor passenger flow through the airport and terminals. This system can “plug in” to existing CCTV systems.

The new and updated products on show at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt are:

  • AeroCloud Optic – The new passenger tracking and counting solution is the first of its kind to tap into existing CCTV, allowing airport leaders to harness real-time passenger flow data and make AI and machine learning-led improvements to operations and passenger experiences. This represents a quantum leap alternative to legacy technology hardware-based solutions. 
  • AeroCloud Billing – Designed specifically for airports’ billing needs, this automates and streamlines airport billing for airport services, including loading bridge usage, fuelling, hangar storage and more. Billing integrates with AeroCloud’s broader iAM platform modules to ensure the accuracy of fees invoiced to airlines and avert revenue leakage, driving growth for airport stakeholders.
  • Sleek self-service kiosks –A range of Self-Service Bag Drop (SSBD) and Self-Service Check-In (CUSS) kiosks that make for a hyper-fast frictionless passenger experience. The kiosks plug into AeroCloud’s Cloud Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) Manager to strengthen real-time monitoring and management of the passenger journey to aid proactive decision-making for maximising revenue from passengers.

Speaking at the launch George Richardson, Co-founder and CEO of AeroCloud, said: “We have seen a seismic shift to capacity expansion to drive growth at airports globally. Legacy technology cannot cut it anymore and that’s why AeroCloud continues to be the fastest-growing platform of its kind. We’re supporting the fastest-growing airports worldwide through lower cost of ownership, rapid implementation and world-class customer service. That’s in our DNA. I am extremely proud of our team for delivering new innovations that support our 360 experience that’s benefitting our customers worldwide.”

Richardson added, “While not all our customers will be harnessing every platform module today, we’re able to scale with customer needs to meet growing demand. With more data at airport operators’ fingertips, we are seeing brilliant results. We are excited to share our solutions with airports at PTE so they see the value for themselves in real-time.”

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