Draken L159s (Image: Draken)
Military aviation news

Draken Europe to provide UK ‘aggressor’ aircraft

Military aircraft contract specialist Draken Europe has been awarded a six-year contract by the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide Agressor aircraft for training the Royal Air Force (RAF). Bournemouth Airport based Draken will provide a squadron of L-159E Honey Badger aircraft that will simulate airborne threats as part [read more]

Airbus A321XLR Complete
Airline news

First Airbus A321XLR test aircraft takes shape

The first Airbus A321XLR (MSN11000) has been structurally completed at Airbus’ Final Assembly Line (FAL) at Hamburg, Germany. Major Component Assemblies for the aircraft were shipped from several sites including fuselage sections from Saint Nazaire in France and wings from Broughton, Wales. The aircraft will now be fitted out with [read more]

Aviation engineering news

Rolls-Royce Engines: What’s in a name?

Rolls-Royce for many is the gold standard in jet engines, they power some of the biggest, fastest and most-efficient aircraft in the sky such as the Trent powered Boeing 777 or the mighty Pegasus powered Harrier Jump-Jet. The names alone – Olympus, Proteus, Nene – are names that conjure up [read more]

Aviation engineering news

Boeing Exec says Hydrogen airliner unlikely any time soon

A top Boeing executive and product developer has poured water onto claims by Airbus that it will have a Hydrogen-powered airline in service by 2035. Commercial vice-president and general manager of product development at Boeing, Michael Sinnett, spoke the day after Airbus made the announcement and said that while Hydrogen [read more]

Ryanair Boeing 737-800 at Bristol Airport (Image: UK Aviation Media)

Ryanair wins UK EU261 compensation ruling

Irish budget airline Ryanair (FR/RYR) ruling has welcomed a ruling that means it does not have to pay EU261 compensation to customers caught up in the Pilot & Cabin Crew strikes. The ruling on appeal, which confirms an original ruling, will come as a blow to the Civil Aviation Authority [read more]