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Bye Bye Virgin Atlantic 747s

The final Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 has left Heathrow Airport for the final time setting off to the US for its new life. 19 year-old G-VROY ‘Pretty Woman’ is heading to Las Vegas where it will be used by its new owners Atlas Air for, amongst other things, troop transport [read more]

BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYG0C (Image: TransportMedia UK)
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Last ever BA 747 flight leaves Cardiff Airport

The last British Airways Boeing 747-400 has left Cardiff Airport for what is the final flight of the type for the airline. BOAC liveried G-BYGC departed Cardiff Airport (CWL/EGFF) at 13:37L for the short flight to St Athan where it will be preserved by eCube Solutions. The aircraft flew with [read more]


How to care for your Jumbo Jet

So you’ve done it. Well done. You’ve gone ahead, raised your £300k and somehow convinced an airline to sell you one of their retired 747s. Now what. Where do you put it? It’s not exactly small enough to fit in your backyard like that Harrier you bought on eBay or [read more]

British Airways retro liveried BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC (Image: Aviation Media Agency)
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Ex-BA Jumbos to Rossiya is a false rumour

This story has now been verified as being false, the information appeared to initially confirm the rumours but this has now been shown to not be the case. We apologise for inaccuracies and this does happen occasionally despite us trying to verify as much as possible.

British Airways retro liveried BOAC Boeing 747-400 G-BYGC (Image: Aviation Media Agency)

British Airways confirms Boeing 747 retirement

British Airways (BA/BAW) has confirmed that is retiring the Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet with immediate effect. The airline was the world’s largest operator of the type and has operated the Boeing 747-100, -200 and -400 variants. In a communication to staff British Airways said: “With much regret, we are proposing, [read more]

British Airways Boeing 747-400 Oneworld at Cardiff Airport (Image: Aviation Media Agency)
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Could coronavirus kill the UK fleet of 747’s

With the news that Virgin Atlantic is retiring its remaining 7 Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jets its a very real possibility that we could come out of this pandemic with none of the type left in the UK fleet. The once exulted “Queen of the Skies” was the airliner of choice [read more]