Valentina Tereshkova: A Legend in Our Time

On 16th June 1963, Soviet Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova broke boundaries and set multiple records which, to this day, have not been broken. Valentina (Valya) Tereshkova was born 6th March 1937 in Maslennikovo, Central Russia. At the time of her birth both parents worked on farmland. Her father, Vladimir Tereshkov, was [read more]

Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon are ready for launch from historic Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Centre

SpaceX Crew Demo 2 – A New Beginning

This month we will see the biggest and most exciting development in human space travel this century. An event that will revitalise the space race, planting the seeds of new ideas in the minds of those who may view our lunar visits as stuff of fairy tales from long, long [read more]

An artists rendering of the new Spaceport Cornwall
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Virgin Orbit agreement to launch satellites from Cornwall

Virgin Orbit has entered into a partnership agreement with Spaceport Cornwall which will see satellite launches return to the UK for the first time in 50 years. The partnership with Satellite launch provider, Virgin Orbit, will see launches from a Spaceport at Cornwall Airport Newquay by 2021, using a modified Boeing [read more]