BMI Regional jet leaves runway at Bristol Airport

Plane leaves runway in at Bristol Airport

A plane has left the runway in a landing incident at Bristol Airport this morning.

The Embraer RJ145 (not pictured) belonging to BMI Regional is understood to have left the runway whilst taxiing after landing from Frankfurt at 11:36am.

Bristol Airport said none of the 25 passengers on-board flight BM1822 were injured and they were bussed to the terminal from the aircraft.

A spokesperson for Bristol Airport said “The runway remains closed while information is gathered to aid investigation of the incident.  The aircraft will then need to be towed to a stand and any debris cleared from the runway before flights can resume.    While it is too early to speculate about the cause of the incident, we are confident that it was not related to the low visibility conditions currently being experienced.

We thank passengers for their patience while we continue to work to resume operations as soon as possible.  In the meantime, all passengers are advised to contact their airline to obtain the latest flight information. Additional staff are on hand in the terminal to assist passengers.” 

The Air Accident Investigations Branch (AAIB) has confirmed it is sending a team to Bristol Airport to investigate the incident.

The runway remained closed whilst specialist lifting equipment was brought in to recover the aircraft. The airport warned passengers that there would be delays whilst the aircraft is recovered.

The airport reopened at 23:45hrs.