Airbus BelugaXL (Image: TransportMediaUK)
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BelugaXL No4 takes flight from Toulouse

The fourth aircraft for Airbus’ Transport fleet took flight from Toulouse yesterday (20th July) for its maiden flight and preparation for entry into service. BelugaXL No4 is the latest oversized transport aircraft to join Airbus Transport International (ATI) to move components such and wings and fuselage sections from Airbus sites [read more]

Beluga XL arrives in the UK (Image: Airbus)
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Beluga XL marks 2 year anniversary at Broughton

The Airbus Super-Sized Transport aircraft, the Beluga XL marks the 2nd anniversary of its first-ever arrival into the Airbus Wing facility at Broughton, North Wales today. There was certainly love in the air for new type on valentines day two years ago as crowds gathered to watch its arrival as [read more]

BelugaXL (Image: Airbus/S Ramadier)
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Third Beluga XL rolls out of the paint-shop

The third of Airbus’ giant transport aircraft, the Beluga XL has left the paint-shop ahead of its entry into service with Airbus Transport International (ATI). The Beluga XL is used to transport Airbus components such as fuselage sections and Wings between the manufacturing sites such as Broughton, North Wales and [read more]

Airbus BelugaXL (Image: Aviation Media Agency)
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Welsh Wings help BelugaXL enter service

Airbus’ latest super-sized transport aircraft, BelugaXL has officially entered service adding the extra capacity to Airbus’ transport network that it needs to meet its planned increases in production of commercial aircraft. Based on the A330-300 Freighter, the BelugaXL is 63 metres long and 8 metres wide which allows the aircraft [read more]

Who can resists that smile? (Image: Aviation Media Co.)

In Pictures: Beluga XL makes first UK visit

Airbus massive new super transporter aircraft made its first visit to the UK yesterday with flypasts at Bristol Airport, Airbus UK at Filton and then landing at Airbus’ wing production facility at Broughton, North Wales. The aircraft arrived at Bristol Airport around 14:30 after flying up from Toulouse and we [read more]

Airbus BelugaXL (Image: S. Ramadier/Airbus)
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Where to see the Beluga XL’s first UK visit

The Beluga XL, Airbus’ latest special transporter aircraft is to make its first visit to the UK today as it heads from Tolouse to the wing factory at Airbus Broughton in North Wales. En-route the aircraft is exspected to do a flypast of the Airbus facility at Filton, Bristol giving [read more]

Airbus BelugaXL (Image: S. Ramadier/Airbus)
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Successful first flight for the Airbus BelugaXL OST

Airbus has successfully completed the first flight of its latest Out-Sized Transport (OST) aircraft, the Beluga XL. The Aircraft landed at Toulouse at 14:41 hrs local time after successfully completing its first test flight lasting four hours and 11 minutes just south of Airbus headquarters. The test flight was carried out [read more]

BelugaXL roll out (Image: JV Reymonden/Airbus)
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First BelugaXL shows off its true colours

The first BelugaXL, Airbus’ latest oversized transport aircraft, has come out of the paint shop today in full livery. Wearing a “smile” livery that was chosen by employees the Airbus A330OST Beluga XL will now undergo ground testing ahead of its first flight in a few weeks. The livery was chosen [read more]