Kyle Edmund – To Fly To Serve…… and volley

Good luck Kyle message from British Airways (Image: ba)
Good luck Kyle message from British Airways (Image: ba)

Britains Number 1 tennis player geared up for Wimbledon this week taking on the ultimate challenge from British Airways.

British Airways put Kyle through his paces on their state of the art Boeing 787 simulator, used to train actual British Airways Pilots.

With the help of British Airways pilot Captain Meredith Bell, Kyle takes on the task to get the 787 airborne, flying around the skies, and then back to earth again.

Kyle Edmund said: “It was great to face a new challenge in the flight simulator, where the pressure and the stakes are high – similar to a Grand Slam tournament.

“There’s no greater feeling than being able to fly the flag for Great Britain, and British Airways’ good luck message makes me feel that I have the support of the nation behind me.”

Meredith Bell, British Airways Captain, said: “Kyle did a great job in the simulator, there is definitely a future in flight for him after serving aces. All of us at British Airways are wishing Kyle the best of luck for Wimbledon Championship next week.”

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