Ghastly Halloween in store for Old Sarum flyers

Old Sarum Airfield (Image: OSA/Facebook)
Old Sarum Airfield (Image: OSA/Facebook)

Old Sarum airfield, which has seen continuous flying since 1917, will officially close on 31st October 2019 at 16:45hrs.

The move was originally reported by us back in July after aircraft owners were issued with a notice to leave the site by that date.

The airfield has been operating at a loss for a number of years and the current owners said that the level of flying required to make the airfield profitable would be a substantial increase around the clock.

The owners said that the result would be “damage the quality of life for hundreds of families. It would also reduce their property values considerably due to the noise nuisance 24-7

Old Sarum Airfield Limited had submitted plans to build 462 homes around the airfield turning into a flying hub along with a heritage park and visitor centre but those plans were turned down by Salisbury Council.

The result is that the airfield will now close on Halloween.

A number of pilots, including General Aviation magazine, Flyer, are planning to fly into the airfield on the final day. Weather permitting.

The future of the site is uncertain at this time.