Wales National Airshow 2015 Timetable Released – Finally!

The Red Arrows and Airbus A400M
The Red Arrows and Airbus A400M

At literally the 11th hour the timetable for the Wales National Airshow 2015 has been released. Unfortunately leaving it to the last minute (and charging £2 for it in advance) has resulted in the web site crashing multiple times.

Never fear, we’re here to go give you the lowdown on Saturday and Sundays Timings.


  • 12:00 Welsh Air Ambulance
  • 12:30 The Vulcan
  • 12:50 Eurofighter Typhoon
  • 13:23 L-29 Red Star
  • 13:41 Autogyro
  • 14:01 Grob Tutor
  • 14:18 Sea King
  • 14:45 Tigers Parachute Display Team
  • 15:17 Hunter
  • 15:30 RN Black Cats
  • 16:00 Team Raven
  • 16:20 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
  • 16:35 The Red Arrows


  • 12:00 Welsh Air Ambulance
  • 12:30 The Red Arrows
  • 13:00 Vampire
  • 13:14 RN Black Cats
  • 13:35 Royal Jordanian Falcons
  • 14:00 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
  • 14:26 Autogyro
  • 14:46 Grob Tutor
  • 14:58 Tigers Parachute Display Team
  • 15:18 Sea King
  • 15:43 Chinook
  • 15:58 Eurofighter Typhoon


  1. Bit peeved off really to find i and many others had to pay £2 and in advance to get timetable . Then it doesnt come through when promised.. so have to chase till sent it within minutes .now u have published for free online .. nice scam to get money out of people …. thats the last time….

    • Hi Kelly, First of all, we are not connected to Swansea or the Airshow and like you (and many many others) we got let down by the timetable fiasco too. We published the timetable as we didn’t want people to miss out on what is still a great airshow despite the logistical problems.

      At we feel that Swansea’s plan for the timetable was ill-thought out and nothing more than an attempt to raise extra revenue, which backfired spectacularly.

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