United Airlines 777 engine explodes showering debris

UA328 Engine Explosion
UA328 Engine Explosion

In the second incident of its kind today, the engine of a United Airlines Boeing 777 exploded with debris falling on houses below.

The incident happened on United Airlines flight 328, a Pratt & Whitney powered Boeing 777, which had taken off from Denver en route to Honolulu.

Video of the incident widely shared on social media shows the engine on fire and cowling missing.

Witnesses filmed the debris falling to the ground.

Locals in Broomfields found what is believed to be the nacelle of a PW4000 engine in their yard.

United Airlines Engine Nacelle found in yard in Broomfields, Denver
United Airlines Engine Nacelle found in yard in Broomfields, Denver

Unlike the Longtail engine explosion, there are no reports of any injuries.

The aircraft returned safely to Denver where it was found that the Number 11 fan blade had completely separated from the engine and No10 has broken half-way up.

The FAA has now issued an airworthiness directive to step up inspections on PW4000 engines prompting United to ground all 24 of its Pratt & Whitney powered Boeing 777s.

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