UEFA Champions League Final airlift: What we know so far!

Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER (Image: Aldo Bidini )
Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER (Image: Aldo Bidini )

Plans are well underway for the UEFA Champions League Final airlift with hundreds of extra flights to and from Cardiff Airport across the 2nd, 3rd & 4th June.

Cardiff Airport (CWL/EGFF) has been planning for this event for some time and have special plans in place such as positioning empty aircraft to other airfields to ease ramp congestion at Wales’ National Airport.

The UEFA Champions League final will be played at Wales’ National Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 3rd June with Italian side Juventus taking on Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Cardiff will be receiving primarily Juventus fans although some Real Madrid fans will be arriving into the Welsh Hub. Bristol Airport (BRS/EGGD) will be the opposite, receiving primarily Real Madrid fans with a few flights from Italy.

A regular ferry service from Bristol Airport across to Cardiff Heliport is also planned along with VIP helicopters arriving.

Other airports including Gloucestershire Airport (GLO/EGBJ) and Cotswold Airport (GBA/EGBP) are expecting a large influx of business jets and general aviation traffic.

Cardiff is starting to see signs of the sporting event with automotive sponsor Nissan seen flying an Nissan X-Trail across the city for a PR event earlier this week.

If you are planning to visit Cardiff to view the aircraft arrivals and departures then check out our handy spotting guide.

Details are still being ironed out but here are the flights we know about so far.

Thursday 1st June
Aigle Azur Airlines ZI959 Paris Orly(ORY) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL)
Air France AF4004 Lyon(LYS) 10:40 Cardiff(CWL)
Aigle Azur Airlines ZI927 Paris Orly(ORY) 13:55 Cardiff(CWL)
Air Nostrum YW2010 Madrid(MAD) 14:05 Cardiff(CWL) 22:45 A320
Friday 2nd June
Air Nostrum Madrid(MAD) 13:00 Cardiff(CWL) 14:15 CRJ1000
RYANAIR FR5089 Madrid(MAD) 11:10 Cardiff(CWL) 12:20 B738
RYANAIR FR5090 Cardiff(CWL) 12:45 Madrid(MAD) 15:45 B738
VUELING VY7756 Rome(FCO) 21.15 Cardiff(CWL) 22:45 A320
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 04:00 Cardiff(CWL) 05:00 A320
MALETH AERO Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:00 B733
ENTER AIR Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:00 B738
ERNEST AIRLINES Milan(MXP) 06:55 Cardiff(CWL) 08:00 A319
COBREX Madrid(MAD) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL) 11:05 B733
MERIDIANA Milan(MXP) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL) 11:05 B762
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 13:00 Cardiff(CWL) 14:00 B772
Saturday 3rd June
VUELING VY7758 Rome(FCO) 00:25 Cardiff(CWL) 01:55 A320
VUELING VY7756 Rome(FCO) 07:50 Cardiff(CWL) 09:20 A320
VUELING VY7769 Milan(MXP) 08:15 Cardiff(CWL) 09:20 A320
VUELING VY7791 Milan(MXP) 08:50 Cardiff(CWL) 09:55 A320
VUELING VY7773 Turin(TRN) 09:40 Cardiff(CWL) 10:45 A320
VUELING VY7771 Milan(MXP) 13:50 Cardiff(CWL) 14:55 A320
VUELING VY7757 Rome(FCO) 14:30 Cardiff(CWL) 16:00 A320
VUELING VY7793 Rome(FCO) 14:50 Cardiff(CWL) 16:20 A320
VUELING VY7775 Turin(TRN) 15:25 Cardiff(CWL) 16:30 A320
AIR LUBO Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:10 MD83
MERIDIANA Milan(MXP) 06:30 Cardiff(CWL) 07:30 B762
AIR HORIZON Milan(MXP) 07:10 Cardiff(CWL) 08:15 B734
CARPATAIR Milan(MXP) 09:30 Cardiff(CWL) 10:30 F100
AZORE AIRLINES Madrid(MAD) 10:35 Cardiff(CWL) 11:35 A310
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 12:05 Cardiff(CWL) 13:05 A320
Sunday 4th June
VUELING VY7756 Cardiff(CWL) 02:00 Rome(FCO) 05:30 A320
VUELING VY7774 Cardiff(CWL) 02:55 Turin(TRN) 06:00 A320
VUELING VY7770 Cardiff(CWL) 03:00 Milan(MXP) 06:05 A320
VUELING VY7780 Cardiff(CWL) 04:05 Milan(MXP) 07:10 A320
VUELING VY7758 Cardiff(CWL) 06:40 Rome(FCO) 10:10 A320
VUELING VY7768 Cardiff(CWL) 08:25 Rome(FCO) 11:55 A320
VUELING VY7780 Cardiff(CWL) 08:35 Milan(MXP) 11:40 A320
VUELING VY7776 Cardiff(CWL) 08:40 Turin(TRN) 11:45 A320
VUELING VY7784 Cardiff(CWL) 09:55 Rome(FCO) 13:05 A320
VUELING VY7762 Cardiff(CWL) 14:35 Rome(FCO) 18:05 A320
Monday 5th June
VUELING VY7754 Cardiff(CWL) 01:50 Rome(FCO) 05:20 A320
RYANAIR FR5089 Mardid(MAD) 17:15 Cardiff(CWL) 18:15 B738
RYANAIR FR5090 Cardiff(CWL) 18:40 Madrid(MAD) 21:40 B738

Aviation Wales would like to acknowledge the help of our Facebook Group in particular Lee Walker and Jeremy Brookman in compiling this list. Please note this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.

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