Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-144 (Image: Christian Volpati/GFDL/Wikimedia CC)
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Concordski: The history of Tupolev Tu-144 SST

It is not uncommon for people to recognise the Concorde, that divisive but ground-breaking piece of aviation engineering; yet few can name its supersonic rival. Breaking both records the Concorde seemingly claims, the Soviet Tupolev 144 was the first supersonic commercial design aircraft to break the sound barrier and the [read more]

Concorde with its nose drooped partially in flight (Image: British Airways)
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Concorde: History & Development

The collective ingenuity of the Anglo-French aircraft manufacturing collaboration set in motion a wave of unlimited potential. Instigated in the context of the necessary development of aviation in post-war Europe, the harnessing of supersonic power in flight began. World War II unsurprisingly limited commercial flights around the globe but despite [read more]

G-BOAC Concorde Manchester

Treat Mum to Concorde this Mothers Day

Concorde is by far the most iconic airliner ever built and the worlds only supersonic airliner to enter service so why not treat your Mum to the ultimate Concorde experience this mothers day. Of course, Concorde doesn’t fly any more and even if it did, the price of a ticket [read more]

Concorde Alpha Foxtrot at Aerospace Bristol
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Plans to get Concorde nose drooping again

Work is underway at Aerospace Bristol to get the nose of Concorde “Alpha Foxtrot” dropping again, reviving one of Concorde’s most iconic features. The hydraulic nose drooping system is a feature of concorde designed to improve ground visibility for the crew when during take-off and landing. The crew was able [read more]

Newcastle Airport to hit 5 million passengers

BBC Four – Concorde: A Supersonic Story

If you are looking for something aviation related on TV tonight, and let’s face it, who isn’t right? You could do a lot worse than BBC Fours offering of Concorde: A Supersonic Story. Narrated by Hotel Rwanda’s Sophie Okonedo OBE, Concorde: A Supersonic Story tells the story of the worlds [read more]