Omega Holidays plans Northern Lights flight

Omega Holidays plans Northern Lights flight

Guided tour specialists Omega Holidays are planning to operate a flight to see the Northern Lights from Cardiff Airport in 2018.

The flights, officially called “Dark Skies” flights, are designed to give you a better chance of seeing the elusive Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights by eliminating factors such as overcast skies and light pollution.

After an introduction from an astronomer the flight will depart Cardiff Airport and will fly towards to the northern edge of UK Airspace before returning to Cardiff. A total duration of about 3 hours.

When the flight reaches its most northern point, which based on flight times would be around the top of Scotland, it will a holding pattern to allow passengers to take advantage of the dark skies to see the stars, the milky way and hopefully, the Northern Lights.

Obviously there is no guarantee in seeing the Northern Lights and they are unpredictable in nature. Omega Holidays claims that between 2008 and 2016 around 84% of its Dark Skies flights saw an Aurora.

The flight is due to take place on the 16th March 2018 with prices starting from £219.95 per person and casn be booked via Omega Holidays.

Spencer Birns, Commercial Director at Cardiff Airport, commented: “Our customers will love this unique opportunity to discover the Northern Lights with a starry flight from Cardiff. What a new and interesting way to discover the sky at night.”

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