Hans Airways restructuring forces launch delay as it seeks investment

Hans Airways A330
Hans Airways A330

UK start-up Hans Airways is restructuring its operation after it needed further investment to begin its planned services which has resulted in a delay to its planned launch by the end of 2022.

The alarm was raised after we were contacted by several crew members who had their job offers withdrawn.

A spokesperson from Hans Airways told UK Aviation News that: “Hans Airways is committed to launching long haul, affordable commercial air services between the UK and India.  It is working on a restructure in order to progress that goal, including advancing talks with new parties to secure additional investment to meet AOC requirements.  Launching an airline is a long journey and some turbulence is inevitable.”

Their sole aircraft, a leased Airbus A330, has also been inactive for some time at their Birmingham base whereas it was previously operating training flights during this phase which sources close to the airline say are in the final stages of that training.

Hans Airways had been due to launch flights between Birmingham and Amritsar, India before the end of 2022 but with just 8 weeks left of the year, no start has been announced.

Hans Airways is the brainchild of Satnam Saini and Ruchir Verma and the airline intends to operate a hybrid model of LCC pricing and full service onboard.

Seizing an opportunity though, Air India already launched flights on Hans Airways’ planned route to Amritsar perhaps stealing the march on the start-up.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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  1. This conman Satnam Saini has already costed hundreds and thousands of private investors money namely on PINNACLE AIR UK (Royal Atlantic Airway) which never took off and the offices were in Smethwick.
    He is not an entrepreneur but a deceit who costs innocent people their monies.
    Check his history as he has another company called INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES CO LTD as well which is based in DERBY.

  2. Air India have 6 Direct flights from Birmingham to Amritsar from 17th Nov onwards and are owned by TATA Company whom are filthy rich.

    What chance does this person with Charter flight have?

    Already people of Midlands are fed up with their past experiences of flights like Air Slovakia, Midland Airways, Comtel and Flyjet.

  3. A Uk startup thats improperly funded based on a model of Covid era costs, who gets an aircraft before they sort out their revenue stream, and have not stress tested current fuel prices or currency fluctuations in their financing. There’s another one based out of Bradford ‘Sentra Airways’ supposedly flying to Africa which is already widely rumoured in the industry not to be paying its bills and turning over staff that has a website that looks like it was produced by a child.

    • These con men tend to play with publics emotions by giving them false hope of cheap tickets then leaving them stranded on the other side of the world.

      Satnam Saini has done that in the past with Flyjet then made passengers pay to fly back with Monarch airlines from different destination within India and charged them again. He took monies from the passengers and blamed it all on Flyjet yet he claims that he worked for Flyjet and Monarch. He never worked for them but only used their names as they no longer exist and he knows that no one will be able to do a back check.

      Ever since he had a little travel agency in Plumstead (South London) he had a tainted reputation within the travel trade.

      I strongly urge people to be extra careful and don’t fall for it again.

    • That’s another disaster waiting to happen when they will sell out the flight and then shut down by going bankrupt.

    • It’s because it is not Satnam Saini’s money involved. I mean the man has a very tainted reputation already yet he manages to sweet talk people into parting with their money.

      This is not a community airlines has he claims it to be because the community is finding out about this conman now.

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