Disappointing qualifying for Ben Murphy in Cannes

Ben Murphy in Cannes, France (Joerg Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool)
Ben Murphy in Cannes, France (Joerg Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool)

14th Place sees Ben face off against 1st Place Goulian

A disappointing qualifying session this afternoon saw Ben Murphy qualify in 14th pace ahead of tomorrows Red Bull Air Race in Cannes, France.

The result means Ben will face Air Race veteran and 1st place qualifier Micheal Goulian in the Round of 14 race tomorrow.

In his post-qualifying reaction, Ben said: “Not quite the end to the day we wanted. In the VTM on the first lap I was pulling up over the top and my display failed and blinked on and off – it shouldn’t have distracted me, but it did for a split second before I discounted it, but by that point, I was just too high for the next gate. I was pulling down towards it and it looked all wrong so I pulled off and flew over it. So I had the thought process of either continuing with the lap because it’s good practice or pull out of the track and start my second run. I elected to stay in the track even though we knew it wouldn’t count. But I got an over-G at the end of it and didn’t get that second run. Obviously, we’re not in the place we want to be, but we’ve got a tough challenge tomorrow and anything can happen.”

Full qualifying results for the Race of 14

1 Michael Goulian
2 Kirby Chambliss
3 Matt Hall
4 Matthias Dolderer
5 Mika Brageot
6 Yoshihide Muroya
7 Juan Velarde
8 Petr Kopfstein
9 Pete McLeod
10 Cristian Bolton
11 Nicolas Ivanoff
12 Francois Le Vot
13 Martin Sonka
14 Ben Murphy
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