Wales Airshow: What to see and when to see it

The Wales Airshow held annually at Swansea Bay
The Wales Airshow held annually at Swansea Bay

Thousands of people will be flocking to Swansea Bay this weekend as the Wales Airshow takes off with 2 days of airshow action.

With Saturday looking likely to be the best day weather-wise, the beaches could be packed for the free event which features the Red Arrows and the RAF Typhoon Display.

There is also a host of ground activities including stands, fairground rides and activities for all ages.

The free event is organised by Swansea Council whose Head of Cultural Services Tracey McNulty said: “Tens of thousands of people will attend this exceptional show, there’ll be lots to enjoy.

RAF Eurofighter Typhoon (Image: UK Aviation Media)
RAF Eurofighter Typhoon (Image: UK Aviation Media)

“We thank those whose daily routines may have to change due to the road changes which are in place for the safety of all. We also thank all our sponsors and supporters.”

One new area on the ground this year is a Veterans’ Village to honour all ex-service people. As the airshow takes place close to Armed Forces Wee, visitors will be able to celebrate the contributions made by those who have served the UK in the armed forces. 

Saturday Schedule

  • Starlings Aerobatic Display Team – 1:30pm
  • Hawker Fury – 1:47pm
  • Typhoon – 2pm
  • Swordfish and Wasp – 2:12pm
  • Wasp – 2:17pm
  • Swordfish – 2:25pm
  • Black Cats – 2:33pm
  • Tutor – 2:46pm
  • Sea King – 3:04pm
  • Afternoon Break – 3:20pm
  • Firebirds – 4pm
  • Yak 50 – 4:11pm
  • Vampire – 4:22pm
  • Gazelles – 4:33pm
  • Team Raven – 4:51pm
  • RAF Red Arrows – 5:51pm

Sunday Schedule

  • Red Devils Parachute Team – 1:30pm
  • Gazelles – 1:50pm
  • Vampire – 2:08pm
  • Starlings Aerobatic Display Team – 2:19pm
  • Spitfire – 2:36pm
  • Swordfish and Wasp – 2:47pm
  • Wasp – 2:52pm
  • Swordfish – 3pm
  • Black Cats – 3:08pm
  • RAF Tutor – 3:21pm
  • Sea King – 3:33pm
  • Firebirds – 3:49pm
  • Yak50 – 4:07pm
  • Hawker Fury – 4:18pm
  • Team Raven – 4:31pm
  • Typhoon – 4:48pm

Information provided by Wales Airshow. Subject to change for operational reasons.

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