Virgin Atlantic and British Airways aircraft collide on the ramp at Heathrow

Image (Alex Whittles/Twitter)
Image (Alex Whittles/Twitter)

A Virgin Atlantic Airbus Boeing 787 wing has collided with the tail of a British Airways Airbus A350 whilst being pushed back at London Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).

Pictures on social media show significant damage to the wing of the Boeing 787 and the horizontal stabilizer of the A350.

It is understood that the Virgin Atlantic aircraft was under the control of a tug at the time of the incident and was being moved from a stand at Terminal 3 to another part of the airfield.

121 Passengers were onboard the British Airways A350 at the time of the collision.

Twitter user Alex Whittles witnessed the incident and posted images on social media.

Emergency services from the airport attended the scene but there were no reported injuries as the impact was low-speed.

An investigation will now take place to determine how the incident happened.

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