TV: New series shows how aircraft end their life in Wales

Plane Reclaimers
Plane Reclaimers

A new series starting to UK television channel Quest this evening will show what happens when aircraft come to their end of their flying days.

Plane Reclaimers follows the work of St Athan based end of life specialists eCube Solutions as they strip off all usable parts from airlines before breaking down the remaining aluminium hulk for recycling.

The program gets exclusive access to the day-to-day operations of eCube and are on the scene as the team dismantle and breathe new life into a variety of airlines.

Along the way, they examine the ground-breaking engineering and undercover the stories behind the aircraft.

The 10 episode series is produced by Monster Films and will be shown on Quest (Freeview Channel 12 Sky Channel 144 and Virgin Channel 169), starting tonight at 9pm.