Two survivors in Pakistan Airbus A320 crashes in Karachi

An image of the crash site shared widely on social media.
An image of the crash site shared widely on social media.

Local media in Pakistan is reporting that a Pakistan International Airways Airbus A320 has crashed in Karachi whilst attempting to land at Jinnah International Airport (KHI/OKPC).

Flight PK8303 crashed in the Karachi’s Model-Colony district after reportedly developing a “technical fault”. Local reports suggest the aircraft hit 5 houses on the ground.

The crash occurred at 14:40 local time (09:40 UTC).

It is understood that there were 107 passengers and crew onboard the Airbus A320 (AP-BLD) at the time of the accident.

Initially, it was reported that there are no survivors of the accident but official sources say at least two people have survived, one is understood to be Bank of Punjab president Zafar Masud, has survived.

There have been no official reports of casualties on the ground.

A video widely circulating on social media shows smoke rising from the scene of the crash.

The aircraft had flown from Lahore and according to local sources was making a second attempt to land at Jinnah although this has not been confirmed.

A unconfirmed ATC audio clip has the pilots reporting they had lost both engines before declaring “Mayday Mayday Mayday”.

A CCTV video of the accident shared from multiple sources on Social media shows the aircraft descending in a nose-up attitude, the landing gear appears to be extended.

CCTV footage of the final moments of PK8303