Loganair Puts Winter Schedule On Sale

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Loganair Embraer E145
Loganair Embraer E145

Scottish airline Loganair (LM/LOG) has today put its winter schedule on sale with a series of enhancements including extending some summer routes into winter and extra capacity on existing winter routes.

Some of the schedule highlights include the continuation of its Manchester – Inverness – Stornoway route throughout the Winter and flights to Cornwall Airport Newquay from Aberdeen and Newcastle.

Loganair chief commercial officer Kay Ryan said: “We’re pleased to announce these winter service enhancements on many of our existing routes, some using our recently-acquired ATR aircraft and others using our Embraer regional jet fleet.

“We continually look for ways to improve our schedules, which is an essential part of listening to our customers and developing our services to meet their needs. We are aware our customers often like to make winter and festive season travel arrangements well in advance, hence this early on-sale date.”

Loganair Winter Schedule Highlights

  • Continuation of the one-stop weekend service between Manchester and Stornoway (via Inverness) on Sundays throughout the winter.
  • An increase of available seats on routes from Shetland to Edinburgh (Saturdays and Sundays) as a result of the ATR72 introduction.
  • Continuation of the ATR72 seat capacity on routes from Shetland to Aberdeen and Glasgow, and from Orkney to Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • A 48-seat ATR42 turboprop on routes from Shetland and Orkney to Inverness (Monday and Friday), and between Stornoway and Inverness, as well as a 49 seat Embraer jet flying from Stornoway and Benbecula to Glasgow.
  • Cornwall Airport Newquay served in the winter from Glasgow on Thursday and Sunday and from Newcastle on Monday, Friday and Sunday using Embraer jets – in a continuation of the summer service.
  • A Christmas and New Year programme to Guernsey in the Channel Islands Guernsey with flights on 19 December, 28 December and 4 January from both Newcastle and Edinburgh, using a 37-seater Embraer jet.
  • Continuation of the new non-stop Edinburgh to Hannover service into winter on Monday, Friday and Sunday using an Embraer jet.
  • Continuation of the non-stop Embraer jet service from Newcastle to Bergen.
  • Continuation of the new Dundee to Belfast City service, now continuing through winter on Monday, Friday and Sunday.

Loganair Passengers can book through to the 31st January 2021 now at https://www.loganair.co.uk/