Extra security for Cardiff Airport & Cardiff’s new EVAC App

EVAC Cardiff App
EVAC Cardiff App

Extra security measures have been announced across the country in the wake of the Manchester Attack on Monday which will mean tighter security at airports including Cardiff Airport.

In line with the UK wide terror threat status being moved to “Critical” Operation Temperer has been put into force. Operation Temperer is the UK’s plan to deploy troops to support police officers in key locations following a major terrorist attack, this is the first time it’s ever been activated.

With the up-coming UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff, South Wales Police Assistant Chief Constable Richard Lewis of South Wales Police issued the following statement:

South Wales Police Statement 24th May
South Wales Police Statement 24th May

This will of course more covert and overt security at Cardiff Airport which is the main port of entry for fans travelling to the game on the 3rd June between Juventus and Real Madrid. If you are planning to visit the airport as an enthusiast or spotter then you should expect a more visible police presence and those parking illegally will be moved on. You can find plenty of advice at SpotCWL.com

EVAC Cardiff

The statement coincided with the launch of the EVAC Cardiff, a new app launched by Cardiff Council aiming to provide emergency information and advice about safe locations across the city in the event of a major incident such as fire, flood or act of terrorism.

Cardiff County Council says “It is important that the citizens of Cardiff and its business community are assured that there are robust arrangements in place in the event of a major incident. Whether there is a major fire, a building collapse or an act of terrorism there is a need for clear, consistent and concise information to act on.”

The app contains information about meeting points and getting to the game along with providing other useful information for fans travelling to the UEFA Champions League Final.

The EVAC Cardiff App is available from the Play Store and App Store.


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