easyJet to upgrade A320s with DPO software

An easyJet Airbus lands at Gatwick Airport (Image: UK Aviation Media)
An easyJet Airbus lands at Gatwick Airport (Image: UK Aviation Media)

easyJet (U2/EZY) is set to upgrade its Airbus A320 family flight management software with a fuel-saving Descent Performance Optimisation (DPO) update.

The new software will allow the low-cost carrier to take advantage of Continuous Descent Approach (CDA) into airports saving fuel and reducing emissions whilst also reducing the airline’s noise footprint.

Captain David Morgan, easyJet’s interim COO said: “While our ultimate ambition is to achieve zero carbon emission flying, we must continue our focus on reducing the carbon emissions in our operation each and every day.

“That’s why this multi-million-pound investment is an important step in achieving a permanent reduction in the short-term which will see us operating the largest fleet of DPO and CDA enabled aircraft in the world. But one crucial element to reduce carbon emissions right now cannot be achieved by the industry alone, and so we are also calling on governments to introduce airspace modernisation right now, including finally implementing the Single European Sky,”

easyJet Airbus (Max Thrust Digital)
easyJet Airbus (Max Thrust Digital)

The update will further enhance fuel reduction and noise impact as DPO and CDA maximises the time spent at cruise level which is more efficient and by not starting the descent too early the “level-off” section of the approach can be avoided.

“We are very pleased that easyJet will equip its entire Airbus A320-family-fleet with these state-of-the-art technologies. Emission reduction in aviation is most successfully achieved as a team effort – aircraft manufacturers joining forces with airlines and air traffic management. By combining the use of DPO and CDA, easyJet will further reduce its fuel consumption while optimising the trajectory of all its flights,” added Wouter Van Wersch, Executive Vice President, Region and Sales Europe.  

To see how much fuel can be saved, Airbus has a Decent Profile Calculator which can be found here

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