Daily Post exclusively reveals that planes fly over North Wales!

Contrails (Image: AviationStirling/Wikipedia)
Contrails (Image: AviationStirling/Wikipedia)

The Daily Post, the newspaper of North Wales, has done it again. Following on from their breaking story about governments spraying chemicals from unseen aircraft, they have exclusively revealed that aircraft fly over North Wales daily!

The North Walian paper broke the story on saturday and showed video evidence that planes, sometimes hundreds of them fly over the northern part of gods own land.

What on earth could these aircraft be up to invading our airspace daily wondered the paper. They even found patterns in the flights. Initially the pattern was west to east which changed to east to west later. Other aircraft seemed bound for Europe, using Wales as a staging post for their activities.

The scoop was revealed by Daily Post Head of Images Hadyn Iball who posted an exclusive video of aircraft in the sky.

Ten mile wide motorway

They continued the story with the discovery of “A ten-mile wide major airway lies to the north of the region running along the coast and clipping the northernmost part of Anglesey” and informing their readers “Aircraft fly along invisible motorways above 24,000 feet.”

We would like to congratulate the Daily Post for finally arriving into the 21st century and their blue sky thinking!

The Daily Post article can be found here http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/video-shows-hundreds-aircraft-flying-11394194

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