Airlander 10 rips apart injuring one woman in latest mishap

Airlander 10 rips apart injuring one woman in latest mishap
Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

Airlander 10, a hybrid air vehicle, ripped in to two pieces at Hybrid Air Vehicles Cardington base injuring one woman.

The worlds longest aircraft is a hybrid of an airship and and aeroplane and is 92m long.

It is understood to have come loose from its moorings before ripping in two. No one was on board, but a woman, understood to be a member of staff, suffered minor injuries.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd said that Airlander 10 had triggered an emergency system which deflated the aircraft after it became detached from its moorings. They added “The aircraft is now deflated and secure on the edge of the airfield. The fuel and helium inside the Airlander have been made safe.”

The incident is second accident involving the prototype this year. In March the aircraft suffered substantial damage after its mooring lines became entangled in power lines causing the aircraft to nosedive into the ground badly damaging the crew compartment.

Hybrid Air Vehicles said “We are testing a brand new type of aircraft and incidents of this nature can occur during this phase of development.

“We will assess the cause of the incident and the extent of repairs needed to the aircraft in the next few weeks.”

Video Credit: YouTube/Angela Hatwell

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