2Excel upgrades its Boeing 727 oil spill response capability

Special Missions B727 Spray Operation from 2Excel Aviation
Special Missions B727 Spray Operation from 2Excel Aviation

2Excel Aviation has upgraded the oil spill response capability of its two Boeing 727 aircraft with an upgraded development of its TERSUS oil dispersant system.

The Boeing 727’s, G-OSRA & G-OSRB, are operated on behalf of Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) and the spray system has been designed and built at 2Excels Doncaster-Sheffield base.

One of the biggest enhancements of the upgraded system is the ability to carry out flights in known icing conditions.

Flight in Known Icing (FIKI) is particularly useful in operations in areas such as the North Sea where weather conditions often produce icing situations.

Pat Cafferky, 2Excel Aviation’s Head of Counter Pollution, said: “The Flight In Known Icing (FIKI) modification showcases the commitment of OSRL and its members to continue the through-life development of the TERSUS aerial dispersant capability. We’re delighted to confirm that the service provided by 2Excel and our Boeing 727 is scheduled to remain the Tier 3 aerial dispersant platform until 2028.”

2Excel Aviation B727 Boom
2Excel Aviation B727 Boom

One of the main modifications to support FIKI is the addition of a third supporting strut to the boom and strengthening of the centre section to cater for possible ice accretion.

As a result the aircraft now has the ability to respond in all-weather flight conditions.

2Excel also took the opportunity to revisit the boom nozzle to increase laminar flow and reduce the percentage of droplet shear on deceleration.

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