UK flights to Cyprus warned about possible military action

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Tomahawk Missile Launch (US DoD)
Tomahawk Missile Launch (US DoD)

Pilots warned to consider effects of possible missiles into Syria

UK airlines have been warned that military action against Syria could cause safety concerns in the Cyprus area along with “intermittent disruption to navigation equipment”.

The warning was issued today by the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA) and covers the Eastern Mediterranean & Nicosia flight information region (FIR), which includes airspace over and around Cyprus.

A normal Wednesday would see around 50 flights leave the UK for Cyrpus on airlines including British Airways, EasyJet, Thomas Cook, Thomson and Ryanair.

The notification from EASA is what is called a “Rapid Alert” and it tells pilots (and operators) that consideration needs to be given to the risk of possible air-to-ground strikes or cruise missiles into Syria “within the next 72 hours”.

Tensions in Syria are mounting after forces loyal to President Assad launched a chemical weapons attack in Dourma on Saturday 8th April which killed 40 people and left scores injured. Russia, who claim no attack took place, warned of grave consequences if action is taken against Syria and it blocked a UN resolution.

US President Trump warned Russia that the “missiles were coming” prompting the EASA rapid alert.

In 2014, A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 passengers and crew. An international investigation found the missile used was taken into Ukraine from Russia.

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