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GKN says Hydrogen powered aviation can be scaled up quicker than thought

Hydrogen electric propulsion technology for aircraft could be scaled up quicker than originally thought according to Max Brown, Vice-President of Technology at GKN Aerospace. The aviation industry is striving towards net zero and the demand for zero-emissions flights is driving the technological research into hydrogen power which is expected to [read more]

easyJet partners with GKN aerospace
Aviation engineering news

Generation Hydrogen: easyJet partners with GKN aerospace

Leading UK low-cost carrier easyJet (U2/EZY) has announced a partnership with GKN Aerospace to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen power in aviation. The deal means that easyJet will support GKN Aerospace in the development of its hydrogen-powered gas turbine, H2JET which is already supported by other partners including the Swedish [read more]