An Easyjet A320neo takes off from Bristol Airport (Max Thrust Digital)

Councils spent £6.8 million on flights since 2015

At a time when councils are pleading austerity and raising council tax levels, residents may be dismayed to hear that councils in England & Wales have spent nearly £6.8m on flights to destinations including the Caribbean and Asia. The research by the TaxPayers alliance shows that since 2015 £6,792,500 on air travel, with each [read more]

Sharm El Sheikh Airport (Wikipedia CC)
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Egypt Flights Suspended from Cardiff Airport

Thomson Airlines has suspended all flights to Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh resort from Cardiff Airport until at least the 12th November following increasing suspicion that a bomb brought down flight KGL9268 over the Sinai peninsula. Flight KGL9268, which departed Sharm El Sheikh bound for St Petersburg in Russia, crashed into the [read more]