Boeing 737 Max 7 (Image: Max Thrust Digital)
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Southwest Airlines orders 108 more 737 Max airliners

US ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) Southwest Airlines has placed an order with Boeing for an additional 108 Boeing 737 Max 7 airliners. The new aircraft will replace older generation 737s at the all Boeing airline, increase fuel efficiency, and grow its route network. The move shows confidence in the Boeing 737 [read more]

Aviation engineering news

United Airlines orders 50 Boeing 787 airliners

US carrier United Airlines has placed an order for 50 additiinal Boeing 787 airliners with the Seattle-based airframer. The deal will see the airline become the worlds largest operator of the 787 Dreamliner as it brings the total ordered by the airline to 150. The order is for the mid-size [read more]

Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner
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Qantas increases Boeing 787 fleet with new order

Australian flag carrier Qantas has placed an order for 12 more Boeing 787 Dreamliners, almost doubling its Dreamliner fleet. The order consists of four Boeing 787-9 and eight 787-10 Dreamliners which will be utilised on its long-haul network. “This is another multi-billion-dollar investment in the national carrier, and it’s great [read more]