Safran and CAE sign deal to develop an electric Piper Archer

CAE’s electrified Piper Archer® training aircraft (CNW Group/CAE INC.)
CAE’s electrified Piper Archer® training aircraft (CNW Group/CAE INC.)

French aviation engine specialist Safran has signed an agreement with Canadian CAE and Piper to develop an electric version of the popular general aviation aircraft, the Piper Archer.

Safran Electrical & Power is a world leader in aircraft electrical systems and together with CAEs technological expertise, they will equip a Piper Archer with an ENGINeUS smart motor.

The ENGINeUS product line offers electric smart motors with outputs up to 500kw but the ENGINeUS 100 which will power the Piper Archer has an output of 150KW.

It is hoped to have the engine certified by 2023 and the plan is to replace two-thirds of CAEs training fleet with electric aircraft.

“We are proud to partner with CAE, and to share with CAE the same vision for sustainability with a clear goal to contribute to the decarbonization of aviation using electric propulsion. This new contract confirms the strong market fit of our ENGINeUSTM electric smart motor product line. In particular, the ENGINeUS™100 has become the go-to reference for smaller general aviation platforms, addressing private pilot aircraft, professional flight training aircraft, air taxis and personal aircraft,” said Bruno Bellanger, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Power division at Safran Electrical & Power.

“Developing green aviation solutions is a team effort, and CAE is thrilled to have Safran onboard for the development of our electric conversion kit for the Piper Archer® aircraft,” said Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation. “The ENGINeUS™100 electric smart motor was a clear choice for our aircraft, not only because it met all our requirements, but also because it is backed by Safran, an industry leader in electric propulsion.”

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