Paris Air Show: ZeroAvia gets orders for its zero emissions turboprop

ZeroAvia is among the companies counting the Paris Air Show as a success after signing deals with several companies for its zero-emissions ZA600 turboprop engine.

Monte Aircraft Leasing has converted an interest in the engine into a purchase agreement for up to 100 of the engines.

The 600kw hydrogen-electric units are designed to power aircraft in the 9-19 seat range and initially the airframe will be a Cessna Grand Caravan.

ZeroAvia is also developing hydrogen-electric engines to power bigger aircraft including a replacement for the jet engines on a CRJ700 regional jet.

Green Aerolease is another company that has signed up ZeroAvia at the show with their founder Charles Cabillic, saying : “We are very proud to move forward with ZeroAvia in order to decarbonize aviation. With this kind of new propulsion, we will be able to develop air transportation for passengers without carbon emissions. This will definitely revolutionize aviation and take it into a new era.”

California based planned startup Air Cahana has also signed a deal for 250 ZA2000 engines.

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