2019 April Fools: Love is in the air with new on-board dating app

Thomas Cook Flying Hearts

A new dating app has been launched specifically with a view to finding love in the air, quite literally!

Launched today, Flying Hearts is designed to allow you to connect with the persons whose eyes you meet across the headrests, as long as they want too of course.

The interface shows a seat map along with heart symbols of those using the app.

If the heart in the seat you are admiring turns red it means that that person is interested, time to hit the Airbus A380 bar for cocktail or two?

Flying Hearts App Screenshot
Flying Hearts App Screenshot

Flying Hearts is already supported by some leading UK airlines which offer an on-board WiFi Network, something the App developers AirDevs say is crucial to making the app work.

AirDevs CEO April Dolt said “The App is designed to make it easier to meet people on long haul flights when, ordinarily you might exchange a glance or two but with Flying Hearts, you can actually connect with that person.”

The free app will be promoted in airline in-flight magazines and AirDevs says it will work across multiple airlines so you don’t need a different app for each carrier.