Liverpool airport closes main terminal

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (Image: ReptOn1x/CC BY-SA2.0)
Liverpool John Lennon Airport (Image: ReptOn1x/CC BY-SA2.0)

Liverpool Airport (LPL/EGGP) has said that from tomorrow (12th April) all scheduled passenger flights will operate from the XLR Executive Jet Centre.

The move allows the airport to close the main terminal as passenger flights have all but stopped at the airport, and across the UK as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Liverpool Airport does not say how long the relocation will last for but most airlines aren’t expecting flights to resume in the UK until at least June.

The XLR Centre is located on the left hand side along the access road opposite the car hire compound. This facility is sign posted as ‘Corporate Aviation’ from the main roundabout at the entrance to the Airport site.

Liverpool Airport XLR Map

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