Airbus woe as more airlines report A350 paint issue

Concern has been raised over early skin degradation on Airbus A350 models after a problem first reported by Qatar Airways has resulted in them grounding 20 of their 53 A350 aircraft.

The issue has been visualised by external paint cracking, particularly around areas where external probes join the fuselage.

Other airlines including Finnair, Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific confirmed some of its A350s had signs of paint degradation according to Reuters.

Airbus is keen to stress that the issue is purely a cosmetic one and does not pose a safety risk but having to find a solution and then replant customer aircraft at their expense will be a blow to the bank account.

Speaking to Reuters, Airbus confirmed it was aware of “early surface wear” issues that in some cases had made a mesh designed to absorb lightning strikes visible externally and that it was working to resolve the issue.


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