Anglessey Man’s Endangering Aircraft Case Halted

John Arthur Jones
John Arthur Jones

The trial of an Anglessey man charged with endangering aircraft has been halted at Mold Crown Court.

John Arthur Jones, 64, of Bodffordd, Anglesey has denied a total of 13 charges of endangering RAF Valley based aircraft using the Islands Mona airfield by shining a bright light at the fast jets over a 1 year period from November 2013.

The trial is set to restart in June 2016.


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  1. John Arthur Jones , when Director of Housing** , then Anglesey Borough Council, in March 1995 caused my wife and I to obtain legal advise from a Barrister concerning a report given to him via the Director of Planning who intern claimed unfounded allegations against us also. In 2001 the person who caused the accusations via the council raised the issue again via a solicitor to myself and the council. That was days after another court case which I lost due to the time limit yet the fact that this and other Evidence & DOCUMENTS were being withheld by the council proving the case was still live. Through the F.I.A I obtained evidence that the council wrote to the to the solicitor (during which time Mr Jones was then a councillor ) stating that the matter was not the council’s responsibility.
    However this was only part of the reason we lost our property, business made too ill to work driving my wife suicidal.
    She now is in hospital for the forth time. We have been through hell and back again 4 times. The reason this time is that the property we had rented to move to in 2003 which the E.H.O. of the council confirms that the state of the property is unsafe to live in and is the first to tell us that the council owns the property and rents it to who was our landlord. The council in light of my complaint told the landlords solicitor that if the landlord did not submit a notice to quit on us they the housing department would issue a claim against the landlord. The property we only then learnt last which is a property we rented not knowing that the ** Housing Depot of the council owned the property ** was owned by the council last year. I have since had to find a new home to rent. Out of Anglesey!

    I am not surprised that Mr Jones denies the charges!!!!!!

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