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Airport Parking
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Hello, Miss D’approach here and get used to me, I’m going to be around a bit. But don’t worry, I’m here for the lighter side of aviation.

So who am I? As Daniel Craig once said, “if you know that you’ll be as clever as me”. But anyway, I digress.

Is it me or are protests getting a bit silly these days? When the conservatives won the last election with a majority the days that followed had the great unwashed of Snoberington Hall protesting Downing Street demanding the will of the people be ignored and Labour be installed into power immediately. Similar events happened after Trump was somehow elected, although in fairness, you can’t really blame them for that.

But arriving for work one cold and frosty morning at Somewhere International Airport I was greeted by the sight of a group of men protesting against Turkey. Now after establishing that they were not in fact protesting Christmas dinner (and resisting all urges to request a serving of bread filled with thinly sliced meat covered in something resembling salad) I asked what was going on….

Just as I did though alarming shouts rang out in something that was kind of half speech – half opera. It turned out the shouts translated to “parking is £5 an hour!!!!”

In what seemed like the blink of an eye (and a cloud of the kind of fumes only taxis are capable of emitting) the convoy of cars had abandoned their protest and shot off out of the airport. That’s commitment to the cause right there!

But you can’t blame then can you, lets face it, you do it too. Don’t you!!!

Parking on the grass verge outside of Somewhere International, on the yellow lines, yes you, I’ve seen you! Will it save you money, of course it will and what’s a security risk or a little inconvenience to those trying to get around the airport when it can save you 2 hard-earned beer tokens. I mean you’re not Dean Saunders are you, you’re not getting your parking for free! (oh sorry Dean, forgot you flew from BHX didn’t you, awkward!).

You might even look on jealously as staff and crew park their cars with ease thinking how nice it is for them in their perfect little security pass protected bubble but no, you would be wrong, if you’re lucky enough to get a space at all you spend all day in work worrying if the YTS* girl from the coffee cart has parked 1/2″** away from your car door again or if the cabin crew have squeezed through the gap left by said YTS coffee girl with their studded handbags again! Anyway some of us quite literally sold our souls to get a crew parking space!

I guess what i’m saying here is that if I’m late for work because you are parked like a twat then don’t be surprised if I look at you and get “a bit sweary” or to put it another way, airports have car parks, they cost money, if your going to an airport and drive it’s going to cost you money.

Ultimately there are 3 sure things in life. Death, Taxes and Airport parking charges. But count yourself lucky, we have to pay for our parking in blood.

*YTS – See 1990’s
** 1/2″ =  1.27cm
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All we know for sure about Miss D'Approach is that she works in the Aviation Industry somewhere in the UK. She knows 3 things about Maths, both of which are wrong. Miss D is here for the lighter side of aviation usually recanting woes from her daily life.

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