Airbus could takeover Spirit Aero sites in Northern Ireland and USA

Airbus A350 (Image UK Aviation Media)
Airbus A350 (Image UK Aviation Media)

Airbus could takeover operations at two Spirit Aero sites in a deal that will see the company carved up between Airbus and Boeing.

Spirt Aero systems site in Northern Ireland makes the carbon fibre wings for the Airbus A220 family of airliners whilst the site in North Carolina builds fuselage sections for the Airbus A350.

According to Reuteurs,  the deal will also see Airbus take over operations at a site in Casablanca Morocco and Saint-Nazaire in Western France.

Boeing is expected to take control of the Wichita, Kansas facility, which is where Spirit Aeros main operations for Boeing take place as well as sites in Prestwick, Scotland, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Subang, Malaysia.

The exact nature of the deal is yet to be structured.

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