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Your ultimate guide to Cardiff Airport & the Champions League Final

Champions League Final 2017 (Image: FAW)

Champions League Final 2017 (Image: FAW)

With the Champions League Final in Cardiff just days away, Cardiff Airport has been busy preparing for what could turn out to be the busiest week in its history. That’s why we’ve produced the ultimate guide to Cardiff Airport & the Champions League Final.

With over 400 extra movements on the airfield and around 24,000 fans expected to use Wales’ National Airport its going to be a big draw for aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters too!

So what is the Champions League Final all about…

The UEFA Champions League Final is taking place in Cardiff on the 3rd June 2017 between Real Madrid and Juventus. As a result around 170,000 people are expected to visit the Welsh Capital.

Extra aircraft will start ferrying staff and fans in from Thursday the 1st June. Across the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th June around 400 extra movements are expected at Cardiff Airport. Bristol Airport is also expecting a large number of extra flights.

Both the Juventus and Real Madrid teams along with their management will arrive on June 2nd ahead of the match at the National Stadium of Wales.

The UEFA Womens Champions League Final also takes place in Cardiff on Thursday 1st June at Cardiff City Stadium.

Speaking about the event Cardiff Airport’s Chief Executive, Deb Barber said “We are immensely proud to play our part in the ‘Team Wales’ approach to the delivery of this major event. Cardiff Airport’s role in the Champions League Final has been some 12 months in the planning with the support of a number of key agencies to ensure that air transport plan is robust, effective and of course safe and secure.”

Where can I view the aircraft…

Cardiff Airport has announced an official viewing area which is situated in the overflow car park at the top of Rhoose Road. There will be no food or drink vendors however toilets are being provided. Rhoose Road is closed to traffic so it is recommended that you use public transport such as parking in Barry and getting the train to Rhoose, or parking at Rhoose Train Station. Police say restrictions on parking in Rhoose village will be in place across the 4 days.

Cardiff Airport Official Viewing Area

There are of course multiple unofficial viewing areas including Porthkerry & the fenceline near the Highwayman Inn. Check out for maps and information.

I’m flying from the airport during this, will I be affected…

The airport is going to be much busier than normal so you need to allow yourself extra time for traffic and parking. All scheduled flights will be operating as normal and the airport does not anticipate any delays.

There are several road closures that you need to be aware off for the Champions League Final and fixed routes in and out of the airport if you are dropping people off or picking up.

Most fans will be using the temporary Terminal 2 which has been set up especially for this event so shouldn’t affect those travelling though the airport on scheduled flights.

Cardiff Airport Parking & Official Routes

What aircraft are expected…

A large variety of aircraft are expected into Cardiff from Madrid, Turin, Milan, Rome, Paris Orly and Lyon. Highlights include an Alitalia Boeing 777-200 and an Azores Airlines Airbus A310. There is also expected to be a large array of Business Jets arriving although many will also go to Gloucestershire Airport. Unfortunately St Athan misses out by being forced to close for 3 days due to airspace management issues. This means all General Aviation traffic arriving for the final will go to Cotswold Airport (Kemble).

The Latest Arrivals List (updated regularly)

Thursday 1st June
AIGLE AZUR ZI959 Paris Orly(ORY) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL)  11:00
AIR FRANCE AF4004 Lyon(LYS) 10:40 Cardiff(CWL)  11:40
AIGLE AZUR ZI927 Paris Orly(ORY) 13:55 Cardiff(CWL)  14:55
AIR NOSTRUM YW2010 Madrid(MAD) 14:05 Cardiff(CWL) 22:45 A320
Friday 2nd June
AIR NOSTRUM Madrid(MAD) 13:00 Cardiff(CWL) 14:15 CRJ1000
RYANAIR FR5089 Madrid(MAD) 11:10 Cardiff(CWL) 12:20 B738
RYANAIR FR5090 Cardiff(CWL) 12:45 Madrid(MAD) 15:45 B738
VUELING VY7756 Rome(FCO) 21.15 Cardiff(CWL) 22:45 A320
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 04:00 Cardiff(CWL) 05:00 A320
MALETH AERO Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:00 B733
ENTER AIR Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:00 B738
ERNEST AIRLINES Milan(MXP) 06:55 Cardiff(CWL) 08:00 A319
COBREX Madrid(MAD) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL) 11:05 B733
MERIDIANA Milan(MXP) 10:00 Cardiff(CWL) 11:05 B762
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 13:00 Cardiff(CWL) 14:00 A330
Saturday 3rd June
VUELING VY7758 Rome(FCO) 00:25 Cardiff(CWL) 01:55 A320
VUELING VY7756 Rome(FCO) 07:50 Cardiff(CWL) 09:20 A320
VUELING VY7769 Milan(MXP) 08:15 Cardiff(CWL) 09:20 A320
VUELING VY7791 Milan(MXP) 08:50 Cardiff(CWL) 09:55 A320
VUELING VY7773 Turin(TRN) 09:40 Cardiff(CWL) 10:45 A320
VUELING VY7771 Milan(MXP) 13:50 Cardiff(CWL) 14:55 A320
VUELING VY7757 Rome(FCO) 14:30 Cardiff(CWL) 16:00 A320
VUELING VY7793 Rome(FCO) 14:50 Cardiff(CWL) 16:20 A320
VUELING VY7775 Turin(TRN) 15:25 Cardiff(CWL) 16:30 A320
AIR LUBO Madrid(MAD) 06:00 Cardiff(CWL) 07:10 MD83
MERIDIANA Milan(MXP) 06:30 Cardiff(CWL) 07:30 B762
AIR HORIZON Milan(MXP) 07:10 Cardiff(CWL) 08:15 B734
CARPATAIR  V32616 Milan(MXP) 09:30 Cardiff(CWL) 10:30 F100
AZORE AIRLINES Madrid(MAD) 10:35 Cardiff(CWL) 11:35 A310
ALITALIA Milan(MXP) 12:05 Cardiff(CWL) 13:05 A320
 MISTRAL AIR  M48901  Milan(BGY) Cardiff(CWL)  04:50
 ALITALIA  AZ9542  Catania(CTY) Cardiff(CWL)   02:55
 ALITALIA  AZ9525  Bologna(BLQ) Cardiff(CWL)  04:40
 ALITALIA  AZ9510  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  05:00
 ALITALIA  AZ9520  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  05:00
 BLUE PANORAMA  BV880  Milan(MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  05:55
 ALITALIA  AZ9506  Rome (FCO) Cardiff(CWL)  06:35
 BLUE AIR  0B9761  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  06:45
 ALBASTAR  AP5641  Milan (BGY) Cardiff(CWL)  04:50
 ALBASTAR  AP5965  Verona (VRN) Cardiff(CWL)  06:55
 ALITALIA  AZ9529  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  07:35
 ERNEST AIRLINES  EG8014  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  07:50
 ALITALIA  AZ9519  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  08:40
 CZECH AIRLINES  OK6728  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  08:30
 ALITALIA  AZ9508  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  08:40
 ASTRA AIRLINES  A2910  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  09:20
 ALITALIA  AZ9502  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  10:20
 TITAN  ZT7121  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  10:20
 ALITALIA  AZ9511  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  10:35
 ALITALIA  AZ9521  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  10:40
 ALITALIA  AZ9535  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  10:50
 ALBASTAR  AP5747  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  10:50
 MISTRAL AIR  M48063  Rome (FCO) Cardiff(CWL)  12:00
 ERNEST AIRLINES  EG8015 Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  12:45
 BLUE PANORMA  BV882  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  12:45
 ALITALIA  AZ9527  Rome (FCO) Cardiff(CWL)  13:00
 SUNDIAL  LG2064  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  13:00
 ALITALIA  AZ9538  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  13:15
 TITAN  ZT7125  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  13:30
 ALBASTAR  AP5863  Milan (MXP) Cardiff(CWL)  14:00
 ALITALIA  AZ9509  Verona (VRN) Cardiff(CWL)  14:15
 TITAN  ZT7123  Turin (TRN) Cardiff(CWL)  14:20
Sunday 4th June
VUELING VY7756 Cardiff(CWL) 02:00 Rome(FCO) 05:30 A320
VUELING VY7774 Cardiff(CWL) 02:55 Turin(TRN) 06:00 A320
VUELING VY7770 Cardiff(CWL) 03:00 Milan(MXP) 06:05 A320
VUELING VY7780 Cardiff(CWL) 04:05 Milan(MXP) 07:10 A320
VUELING VY7758 Cardiff(CWL) 06:40 Rome(FCO) 10:10 A320
VUELING VY7768 Cardiff(CWL) 08:25 Rome(FCO) 11:55 A320
VUELING VY7780 Cardiff(CWL) 08:35 Milan(MXP) 11:40 A320
VUELING VY7776 Cardiff(CWL) 08:40 Turin(TRN) 11:45 A320
VUELING VY7784 Cardiff(CWL) 09:55 Rome(FCO) 13:05 A320
VUELING VY7762 Cardiff(CWL) 14:35 Rome(FCO) 18:05 A320
Monday 5th June
VUELING VY7754 Cardiff(CWL) 01:50 Rome(FCO) 05:20 A320
RYANAIR FR5089 Mardid(MAD) 17:15 Cardiff(CWL) 18:15 B738
RYANAIR FR5090 Cardiff(CWL) 18:40 Madrid(MAD) 21:40 B738

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