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Skydiving resumes at Old Sarum as businesses start to reopen

Old Sarum Airfield

Old Sarum Airfield

GoSkydive, the UK’s leading leading Tandem Skydiving centre, has announced that they have reopened and tandem skydiving has resumed at its base at Old Sarum airfield.

Old Sarum closed to private General Aviation in 2019 but GoSkyDive has remained operating from the site operating its skydive experiences in accordance with Government and British Skydiving pandemic regulations.

GoSkyDive is one of the many on-site businesses at Old Sarum that are emerging from months of lockdown that has gripped the country.

Old Sarum Airfield has also been the launchpad for vital Animal Health check flights which will now be continuing on a permanent basis.

Companies specialising in sensor technology to monitor the health of millions of poultry birds as well as the nation’s cows, sheep and pigs will use Old Sarum to fly vets across the UK to carry out nationwide welfare checks and to respond to health issues as they arise.

A spokesperson for Old Sarum Airfield said: “We are delighted to see the airfield and the businesses it supports emerging from lockdown in what has been a very challenging time for everyone. We hope that the airfield can continue to support business get back on their feet as well as assisting with crucial flight operations.

“The Airfield has always been part of the local community, employing local people as well as being very proud to welcome visitors from across the UK and further afield. We look forward to welcoming businesses and visitors back as the green shoots of recovery start to show.”

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