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Animal Health flights to operate from Old Sarum Airfield

Old Sarum Airfield (Image: OSA/Facebook)

Old Sarum Airfield (Image: OSA/Facebook)

Old Sarum Airfield has announced vital animal health check will be assisted by vets flying from Old Sarum airfield during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Flights from the airfield will transport vets across the UK to help deal with the sensor technology used to monitor the health of millions of poultry birds as well as the cows, sheep and pigs.

A spokesperson for Old Sarum Airfield said: “This work is a vital part in keeping the UK supply chain moving during the Covid-19 crisis and the owners of the airfield are delighted they can offer help to the nation during this unprecedented crisis.”

Old Sarum is the oldest continually operating airfield in the UK and has been in use since 1917.

In 2019 it closed to general aviation flying following a failure to obtain planning permission for development. This is currently under a judicial review.

Since 31st October 2019, the only flight operations that remained at the airfield is the Parachute School, GoSkyDive.

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