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Ryanair mocks BA but forgets its own history!

Ryanair Boeing 737-800

Ryanair Boeing 737-800

It emerged yesterday that a WDL Aviation aircraft, operating for British Airways subsidiary BA Cityflyer, landed in Edinburgh instead of flying to Dusseldorf thanks to the incorrect flight plan being sent from WDL Aviation’s operations team.

Irish budget airline Ryanair’s twitter team were quick to jump on the embarrassing mistake and offered British Airways a “Geography for Dummies” book.

But it also appears that Ryanair’s memory is short.

In 2006, a Ryanair flight bound for Derry managed to get confused and land at a nearby Army base instead. That was down to pilot confusion not an incorrect flight plan.

That wasn’t a one off though, earlier this year, a Ryanair flight bound for Thessaloniki had to divert due to fog. Rather than choosing nearby by Skopje, Ryanair opted to send its passengers to Timisoara in Romania, around 500 miles from its intended destination.

Of course, all good airlines would get its passengers to the right airport, only in Ryanair’s case, the option they offered was an 18 hour, 500 mile journey by bus.

Perhaps Ryanair should get a book of their own, one of quotes. In particular one that starts “people in glass houses”

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