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In Review: DJI Mavic Mini

dji mavic mini

dji mavic mini

The DJI Mavic Mini was introduced as an affordable, yet powerful drone and primarily aimed at those looking for a bit more than the standard holiday photos.

One of its big selling points is the weight, at 249grams it doesn’t require you to register with the Civil Aviation Authority or obtain an operator ID so its a bit less restrictive.

The DJI Mavic Mini Combo package, as tested, comes in at £459.99 from Amazon or DJI and in addition Drone, Controller and Battery of the standard package (£349.99) adds two more batteries, a multi-charger, prop guard and a host of other things such as a hard case and spare props.

With the batteries alone costing almost £100 each, the Flymore combo is definitely the one to buy!

DJI Mavic Mini Flymore Combo


For anyone who has bought a cheap drone and spent hours trying to get it just to fly you will appreciate just how easy flying the DJI Mavic Mini, or any DJI Mavic drone, is.

Flight is controlled by the DJI Fly App only your mobile phone which is attached to the controller.

Functions such as one-key take off and landing and the excellent “Return to Home” function make this a great starter drone.

You can manually fly the drone using the controller and releasing the sticks simple makes the aircraft stop and hold its position, great for those panic moments!

Equipped with downward obstacle sensing, the Mavic Mini also stops you from landing awkwardly of flying to low.

Each battery gives the Mavic Mini around 30 minutes of flight time but in reality we found this to be nearer 20mins in a light breeze, which sadly, is where this drone does slightly fall down.

DJI say you can fly the Mavic mini in winds up to 8 m/s (around 18mph) but realistically, anything above a stiff breeze is going to trigger the high winds warning.


As you would expect from the world-leaders in Gimbal technology the Mavic Mini comes equipped with a fantastic 3-axis gimbal to keep your footage smooth no matter how hard you fly it.

The camera itself is adequate. The shooter is a 1/2.3” CMOS sensor with an effective mega pixels of 12. It will shoot video at up to 2.7K (2720×1530p) at up to 30fps.

The quality of the image overall is good in well light conditions but this isn’t one for nigh time shoots.

A sample image taken on the DJI Mavic Mini with no post processing.

Several pre-determined routines such as Spiral, Helix, Dronie and Rocket; can make capturing good video easy for the beginner and a fun dimension to things like parties or holiday photos.

The camera will also capture decent quality still images which, although aren’t crystal sharp, are more than adequate for the family collection.

Video Sample


The DJI Mavic Mini is a great entry point into serious drone flying. It is forgiving enough to the beginner but also offers some advanced features allowing you to expand your skill sets without upgrading too quickly.

Its ultra-portable too making it a great travel tool.

The creative of the camera photo and video presets allow you to create some great memories with ease but don’t buy Mini thinking you will be able to create professional-grade video and photos.

A sample image taken on the DJI Mavic Mini with no post processing.

So if you are new to drones and want to get started with a capable drone then there are few better places to start than the DJI Mavic Mini, just understand its limitations.

Once you have mastered your Mini then a logical step would be to head over to its bigger brother, the Mavic Air 2, which incidentally, is our next review!

DJI Launch Video

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